Tiella di Gaeta with alternative dough (large)

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Tielleria 3.0 also makes tiella with alternative dough. A new way of tasting tiella, discovering new variants and alternative flavours, like:

  • cannabis flour
  • paprika
  • turmeric
  • multigrain
  • roasted barley
  • burnt flour
  • buckwheat

Cannabis flour is made from milling of hemp flour. Rich in beneficial nutrients for the body, it is useful for strengthening and regulating the response of the immune system, the hormonal system and the nervous system.

Turmeric has typical intense and warm color, with particular taste, slightly bitter and spicy. It has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.

Paprika dough has a typical coral red color and slightly spicy flavor. It is rich in vitamin E, B, C and K. Thanks to the tonic and antiseptic action of paprika, it stimulates the digestive system, facilitating digestion and strengthening the circulatory system.

Burnt flour dough has a typical dark color tending to gray, with flavor of roasted hazelnut and coffee. It has a higher protein content and higher content of mineral salts. If well preserved, the tiella remains soft and fragrant for several days.

It weighs about 1.2 kg (42 oz) and is delivered in a vacuum sealed package.

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