Tielleria 3.0

Tielleria 3.0


Tielleria 3.0 bakes the typical meal of the Golfo di Gaeta: the tiella, a stuffed pie made with different ingredients. Tiellas are made in the traditional way, using high-quality products, natural ingredients, and new technologies. More than 30 different stuffings, alternative doughs and gluten free. You can also find the popular "Cicero's Tiella", made with mussels, courgette flowers and cherry tomatoes: a unique and patented meal, that reminds the local tastes of Cicero's land and the Golfo di Gaeta.

Tiellas are available in different sizes: small, medium and large.

Here you can find the different stuffings:

  • Tiella with onions, eggs and ricotta
  • Tiella with anchovies and cherry tomatoes
  • Tiella with escarole and cod
  • Tiella with spinach and ricotta
  • Tiella with mussels, courgette flowers and cherry tomatoes
  • Tiella with onions and sausage
  • Tiella with zucchini, egg and parmesan
  • Tiella with eggplant parmigiana
  • Tiella with cacio (cheese) and eggs
  • Tiella with cuttlefish
  • Tiella with broccoli rabe and cuttlefish
  • Tiella with escarole and olives
  • Tiella with cooked ham and mozzarella
  • Tiella with cod, cherry tomatoes and olives
  • Tiella with squids
  • Tiella with artichokes, speck (Italian smoked ham) and provola cheese
  • Tiella with octopus
  • Tiella with octopus and potatoes
  • Tiella with porchetta (pork roast), provola cheese and mushrooms
  • Tiella with broccoli rabe and sausage
  • Tiella with sconcigli (seafood)
  • Tiella with onions and cod
  • Tiella with onions and cherry tomatoes

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